Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beauty | Greensboro Photographer

I've already posted this photo on my FB page but I wanted to add it to my blog as well.  In the brainstorming stage of this project I new I wanted to use a model and a tree of some sort.  My original idea was that using her body the model was going to mimic the twisted beauty of a tree's branches.  As I traveled around looking for the perfect tree I happened upon this gorgeous thing.  The base of this one tree had opened up to reveal these amazing designs within.  It was even more than I could have hoped for and perfect for the photo I wanted to create.  The model was also a dream and really understood how to move her body to create these elegant lines.  One of the things I love about conceptual photos such as this is that the viewer is able to create their own story line.  I have my own intentions of what the photo is but I find it fascinating to hear how other people interpret it.  I've heard some really neat stories so far.  It makes my heart happy to be able to invite individuals to daydream with me and use their imaginations!  

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