Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday Boy | Greensboro Photographer

I met this fella in downtown Greensboro for a few photos to celebrate a big milestone in his life... he's turning 5!  We had fun walking around taking in the sights and smiling for a few photos.  He was also game for a few fun photos which I think are just as wonderful as the smiling ones... although he does have one cute smile!

Me and My Shadow | Greensboro Photographer

This brother and sister combo were so cute together!  Sister wanted to fall in step with whatever big brother did.  She was definitely his little shadow.  He was so good with her too.  Together they were adorable!  I met them along with mom and dad at a park in Greensboro.  We lucked out with beautiful weather and an awesome photo session! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fall Leaves | Greensboro Photographer

I met this big fell and his parents at a park in Greensboro this past weekend.  It was a beautiful, slightly foggy morning and the fall leaves were gorgeous.  We had a nice little stroll around the park, stopping here and there for a photo op.  You may remember this sweet little family from their session last year:  Now they are getting ready to be a family of four and are happier than ever!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Family | Greensboro Photographer

Last weekend I met this lovely family at Fisher Park for their family photo session.  This was our second attempt at this session after the first round was rained out.  I'm so glad things worked out this time because this family was great.  The boys were full of energy (as boys tend to be).  But it was adorable to see Mom and Dad join in the fun.  Thanks guys and gal for an enjoyable afternoon! 

I always allow my family session kids to let loose and make the craziest faces they can think of!  I think these two did pretty good!

And what's a Fall session without throwing a few piles of leaves around...

Chilly and Sweet | Jametown Photographer

You wouldn't know it by looking at the photos but our afternoon in this Jamestown park was chilly, chilly!  These little ones pulled through though with smiles and all.  One nice thing about a chilly afternoon in the park is that there weren't many people out walking around.  We had the park almost all to ourselves!  Although they weren't too sure about it at first, everyone warmed up to the camera by the end of the session.  Here are the photos from this family's session last year:  Look at how much they've grown!

Cousins | Durham Photographer

It's so awesome when extended family can get together.  It's even more awesome when they decide to come together for a photo session.  These cousins and their families decided to do just that.  Last Saturday morning I met these ladies at the beautiful Duke Gardens.  It was such a pretty morning as we strolled down the gravel pathways.  Even their adorable little puppy enjoyed the sunshine.  Here are the photos from this family's previous sessions:

Boys Will Be Boys | Greensboro Photographer

It always a challenge to convince little boys that taking photographs is fun.  I'm a big advocate for documenting the lives of little ones through the art of photography.  From one year to the next they grow and change so fast.  So be it tickles, funny noises or silly jokes, we work hard to get those sweet smiles but in the end it's so worth it!  If you would like to take a look these two fellas made an appearance on my blog about this time last year:

So, so sweet!!!


I love this photo!!!