Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweetest Little Family

So I had the opportunity to photograph the sweetest little family a couple of weekends ago.  I actually met mom and dad a few years ago (pre-babies) while they were taking swing dance classes.  It's so neat to see a family grow!  Take a look at all the yumminess! 

One Happy Baby

It's always fun photograph babies.  They are so curious and happy.  I got to spend some time with this little one on a rainy Saturday morning.  He loved looking outside at the rain coming down.  It's all about finding joy in the little things.  :)

Karate Kid

You might recognize this fella from one of my earlier posts.  http://rebeccahollandphotography.blogspot.com/2011/02/reserved-smiles.html  Well he's back and he's earned his black belt in karate!  (How cool is that!)  We spent some time at Greensboro's Center City park were he showed off some of his moves.  I know he was tired by the end of our shoot ...but he indulged my requests of doing that kick jump just one more time!  Thanks buddy!