Friday, July 12, 2013

Baby E!!!

I'm more than a little excited to share this post with you!  I may be a little biased but I think Baby E is one of the prettiest babies around... and I can say that because I'm her aunt!  A few weeks ago Baby E's Mom and Dad welcomed her into the world. 

You can see their photo shoots here: 

and here: 

 and here:

Hmmm... that's a lot of photos of this boy and his wifie... I guess this means I like them just a little.  :) 

Baby E did the typical newborn thing and slept through her entire photo shoot... remaining absolutely adorable the whole time!

This last photo is of my two little ones and their newest baby cousin!  They weren't too sure what to think of her... she was cute but yup... just a baby.  :)

Sandwich Kisses

If this family looks familiar it may be that you've seen them before on my blog:  A couple of weeks ago we met up again on the UNC campus for a family photo shoot.  Look how much those little ones have grown!  This family was so happy to be together and I was happy to spend some time with them!

Towards the end of our shoot Mom and Dad said they wanted to a sandwich kiss for one of their photos.  Although I wasn't really sure what they were talking about I decided to go ahead with  the photo.  I'm glad I did because I think the result is absolutely adorable!