Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stop Motion Video

Here is a cute little video I made today using stop motion photography!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Goofy Two | Winston-Salem Photographer

I love posting photos of my two little ones.  They're beautiful kids and so sweet and innocent looking.  Well all that may be true but don't let them fool you!  They make me work to get to those photos!  They have a knack for making the craziest faces right as I'm about to press the shutter.

So at your next photo session with me don't worry if it is you're kid that's acting like the goof ball.  Now you know that I completely understand!  Never fear though, we'll make sure to capture some of those sweet and innocent moments too! 

Ok, so these next two aren't super goofy but I still thought they were cute...

This one just makes me laugh!

As a reward for being awesome little models they ate ice cream under the shade of an old oak tree...


At the end of the day I got the smiles I was looking for (see flyer below)!  Book your fall session now and let's see what silly, sweet, goofy faces we get from your little ones!  ...Big folks are welcome to make faces at me too.  All are welcome!  ;)


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Princess and Pirate | Greensboro Photographer

There are many concentrations within the photography field and it's very common for photographers to move back and forth between them.  However you will often find that a photographer has one concentration that is hands down their all time favorite.  For me the area of photography that I absolutely love is conceptual photography.  Essentially with this type of photography you generate an idea/concept, gather costumes/props, and build your photo session around that theme.  This opens up a world of possibilities!  If you can think it up, we can work out a plan to make your photographs a reality.  What fun! 

For her four year old photo session this big girl wanted to dress up as a princess and pirate.  Together her family and I brainstormed ideas and props.  Miss E had a ball role playing the different characters.  You can check out some of her other photo sessions here:

and here:

and here:

and here:

Can you guess that photographs are becoming a yearly event for this family?  :)  Yearly photo sessions are a wonderful way to document the growth of your little ones.  They grow and change so fast.  It's important to have something that you can look back to remind you of their cute chubby cheeks, beautiful bright eyes and adorable smiles.  Photographs help generate those memories and can be passed on to the future generations. 

And now for Princess E...

Here are additional examples of a themed/conceptual photo sessions:
If you are interested in your own themed session then send me a quick email and we can set something up for you!  Conceptual sessions are not just for kids... they are great for adults too!

Turning One | Greensboro Photographer

A few weekends ago I met this cute family at Fisher Park in Greensboro for their photo session.  The main goal of the session was to photograph this little fella because he has reached a big milestone in his life... he turned one!  In typical toddler fashion once his feet hit the ground at the park he was off an running.  :)  Thank goodness we had a few props to capture his attention.  As he took a few minutes to explore the tricycle and car I was able to capture some adorable moments. 

Little Miss A | Greensboro Photographer

I've known this family about a year now and I absolutely love this little sweetheart.  When I first met Miss A she was so tiny and was making the most adorable face... from that point on she had me hooked.  Unfortunately I don't get to see her as much anymore but when I do she still has the biggest smile for me. :)  For their photo session I met this lovely family at the military park in Greensboro.  We enjoyed a quick stroll around the park and giggled at the independence of Miss A.  She's a big girl now and she wanted to prove it!     

Friday, September 13, 2013

Storms a Brewin' | Greensboro Photographer

I met this wonderful family over the summer.  Mom is a preschool teacher and was given a gift certificate from one of her students for a photo session with Rebecca Holland Photography.  What a fun idea for a present! ;)  So one summer afternoon Mom gathered up her boys and we met at a local park for their photo session.  The park had some neat little barns and wagons.  As long as they could climb on wagons, hay bales, and wooden fences the boys were happy to smile for a photo or two!  Thankfully we finished their session just in time.  A few minutes after we ended the session and were back in the cars, the heavens opened up and rain began to pour down!  Whew!  Perfect timing on our part!

*Christmas will be here before you know it!  If you would like your own gift certificate to wrap up for your loved one then send me an email: *