Friday, April 22, 2011

Siblings With Their Smiles On

These adorable siblings showed up to their photo shoot with their smiles on ...well ok, little brother did have to open his mouth wide to show me that he really did have some smiles in there!  But I guess it worked for him because he managed to show me some of his best smiles.  We all had a blast trying out this pose over here and that pose over there.  Big sister came up with some great ideas!  Although little brother had really had enough by the end of our shoot (see the last photo :)  I think we all enjoyed our time together!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Down On The Farm

It's amazing how bright and cheerful a photograph can appear when you add a smiling face!  I bet you would have never guessed that a thunderstorm arrived just as we ended our photo session.  Gray skies didn't get these two sunshines down as they explored Steeple Hill Farm.  Children on a farm equals a whirlwind of activity and a ton of fun! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Ice Cream Shop

So bright and early Saturday morning I met this wonderful family for a fun photo shoot.  The idea was to take some photos of these two cuties enjoying one of their favorite treats ...ICE CREAM!  Going to the ice cream shop is something this family has always enjoyed doing together.  What better way to bond than over a bowl of yummy sweetness! 

Can you say adorable!!!

How cute is she!?

There's just something about a Mommy's hug...

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Day of Mini Sessions

All right folks here is your April special with Rebecca Holland Photography!  Did you like the March Madness special but weren't able to get in on that deal in time!?  Well here's another chance to book your mini session!  Rebecca Holland Photography will be on location to shoot a day of mini sessions on Saturday, April 30.  The location I've picked is beautiful...  want to know where it is!?  Sign up for a mini session to find out!  All you have to do is contact me ( and let me know which time slot you would like to sign up for!  Hurry before someone takes your spot!!!

What:  Sign up for a 30 minute mini session  
Where:  Wanna know where!?  ...sign up!
Cost:  $40
When:  Saturday, April 30
            9:00-  This time has been booked!
           12:20-  This time has been booked!
           3:00-  This time had been booked!
           3:40-  This time had been booked!
           4:20-  This time has been booked!

Here is some extra special sweetness to tempt you with ...all shot on location!!!  Enjoy! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

And Baby Makes Three

What a blessing it is to add a new member to your family.  There's no denying God's handiwork after hearing that this little fella joined his family after only two weeks notice!  This home was full of love and adoration for this bundle of joy.  It is obvious that these parents treasure every moment they spend with their son as they coo and cuddle with their sweet boy.