Monday, September 10, 2012

Conceptual Photography Workshop

Conceptual Portrait Photography

This past weekend ROCKED my little photography world in such an AWESOME way!  On Friday and Saturday I attended a photography workshop presented by the VERY talented Heather Evans Smith (  Heather is a conceptual portrait photographer from Winston-Salem.  In her two day workshop we not only learned what makes her mind tick but also how to unlock our own imaginations.  On Saturday we had the opportunity to work with two beautiful models in two truly inspiring locations.  Our first stop was at this crazy old antique store/house.  Everywhere you turned there was something new to look at!  It's one of those places you drive by and think... I wonder what treasures they have in there.  Our second location was at an old farm house... with chickens!  Our time here was cut a bit short due to a massive storm that came blowing through.  It was so neat though to sit on the front porch and watch the wind whipping through the trees and hear the rain pounding on the roof.  I think this weekend confirmed my decision to move full time into photography.  I LOVE what I do!

A BIG, BIG thank you to Heather for putting this workshop together!  You are AWESOME!

Workshop Info:

Presenter:  Heather Evans Smith (  - check her out!  she has more  
                                                                                                            workshops coming soon!

Models:  Morgan Marlowe
               Marissa  Burchette

Makeup Artist:  Erin Dickinson

Hair:  Jessica Burgos
          Heather Evans Smith

Locations:  - One Way Antiques, King
                    - An old farm house, winston- salem

Did you know that we can setup a photo shoot like this for you!?  Working together we can figure out concepts, props, wardrobe, setting, etc all specific to you.  Have an idea!?  Great let's run with it.  You want a photo shoot like this but not so sure what you would like to do?  No problem.  We'll put on our creative thinking caps together.

Each photograph portrays a concept... it tells a story.  Some stories are seen by the me, the photographer.  Other stories are created by you, the viewer.  What story is it speaking to you?..... 




Behind the scenes....

Our locations...



Sunday, September 2, 2012

30 Day Challenge

A few months ago I tried my hand at a 30 day photo challenge.   Each day had a different theme (I've forgotten what most of them were).  It was a lot of fun... even if I was a few days short of finishing.  I had these photos on another blog but I thought I would put them on here as well.  These are my favorite photos from the challenge.