Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Girl

It's always so neat to see the newest addition to a family.  This little one was a sweetheart and more than happy to pose for her pictures.  What a good girl and a sweet family!  Thanks guys!

Here are a few photos of big brother...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wes + Jyoti

I had been hearing stories of Jyoti and Wes for a few years now (all good I swear :).  But it wasn't until my brother's wedding (as seen here: that I officially met them... well I think I had run into one or the other of them before... but I'm counting the wedding as our official meeting date.  :)  Not that I'm biased but my brother is a great guy.  So it stands to reason that he would have great friends.  In the brief time that we spent together for their photo shoot I discovered how truely wonderful they are.  Towards the end of our shoot my dad called with the news that my brothers dog just passed away.  (see this post here:  Immediately Wes and Jyoti started making plans as to how to cheer up and comfort my brother.  It warms the heart to see someone love on your family so much.

Lucky in love and blessed to have one another.  Wes and Jyoti truly are a great couple.  Fun loving, playful, kind and compassionate.  It was a pleasure to photograph these two.  :)    

Monday, June 25, 2012


Some posts are harder to write than others.  This would be one of those posts.  Several weeks ago my brother called to tell me that his dog, Ashton, had tumor on his spine.  After hearing the news I was moved to call my brother back and ask if he would be interested in taking some photos with Ashton.  My brother agreed and we set up a time to meet.  On a beautiful warm afternoon we met at his house.  Ashton was excited to get out and take a walk around the lake located near the house.  He love being outside just as much as my brother.  It was a wonderful evening.  Sadly, one week later Ashton passed away.  Ashton was my brother's boy.  They had been the best of buddies for eleven years.  He was the sweetest dog.  He loved to talk to you when you walked in the front door.  I know my brother's heart is hurting and he misses Ashton greatly.  But as my son so wisely put, "You don't have to be sad... you're just going to see him again in heaven."

Rest in peace Ashton.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Take a look at these sweet girls!  Aren't they just adorable!