Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All Time Favs

So I've been looking back over my work and decided that if I was going to put together a portfolio these are some of the images I would include.  For one reason or another these are some of my favorite images that I've taken over the years.  They are in no particular order but simply a random collection of the photos I love.  If you are interested in seeing the sessions that these photos came from then I invite you to click back through my earlier posts!  ;)  I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Not only did these fellas have me running around but they kept me laughing throughout their entire photo shoot! 

Goal:  Get four boys to look at the camera at the same time and smile.

Hmmm... not quite sure we got that but we sure did have good time trying!  I think the outtakes are just as fun as the "real" shots!

Ahh... boys!

I love this shot!  The fella on the far right just makes it!  There's nothing like the randomness of a little one.

This is my favorite shot.  There is something so peaceful and innocent about it.

Here's another outtake moment.  The baby's expression just makes me smile.  Too cute!

Thanks for a great photo shoot guys!

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I first met Crystal and Jeremy some time ago when we got together for their engagement shoot.
What a fun loving couple! 

I was super excited to see them again for their wedding day.  Crystal was gorgeous and Jeremy just as handsome as ever.  According to Crystal they were going to have a simple wedding including some of their favorite things.  I love all of the personal touches they came up with!

Location:             Centenary United Methodist Church
Caterer:                Mr. BBQ
Florist:                 Crystal (the Bride!)
Cake Designer:    Krispy Kreme :)

This talented bride made her own bouquet!

So this is a little candid shot of what Jeremy had on the inside of his jacket during the ceremony.  It seems that the minister called Jeremy by the wrong name during the rehearsal.  So a friendly reminder was in order!  :)

So you may remember that Crystal and Jeremy are police officers... what would be better than a doughnut wedding cake!



If you've never had bbq from Mr. BBQ then you're missing out!  Yum!  And what goes better with bbq ...a big jar of pickles!  Cute idea!

Time for cake ...or, uh.... doughnuts!

Coffee would have been a bit awkward to toast with.  So plan B ...Milk, straight from the carton!

And then from the glass!  :)

Time for the guests to help themselves to doughnuts and milk.

And  what wedding is complete without a display of who can do a better split!

As a parting gift each guest received a little bag of goodies.  A note on the bag informed the guest that the candies were a few of their favorite varieties.

What a fun wedding with a delightful couple!  Thank you so much Jeremy and Crystal for inviting me to share with you on your special day.  Best of wishes to you both!