Saturday, September 14, 2013

Princess and Pirate | Greensboro Photographer

There are many concentrations within the photography field and it's very common for photographers to move back and forth between them.  However you will often find that a photographer has one concentration that is hands down their all time favorite.  For me the area of photography that I absolutely love is conceptual photography.  Essentially with this type of photography you generate an idea/concept, gather costumes/props, and build your photo session around that theme.  This opens up a world of possibilities!  If you can think it up, we can work out a plan to make your photographs a reality.  What fun! 

For her four year old photo session this big girl wanted to dress up as a princess and pirate.  Together her family and I brainstormed ideas and props.  Miss E had a ball role playing the different characters.  You can check out some of her other photo sessions here:

and here:

and here:

and here:

Can you guess that photographs are becoming a yearly event for this family?  :)  Yearly photo sessions are a wonderful way to document the growth of your little ones.  They grow and change so fast.  It's important to have something that you can look back to remind you of their cute chubby cheeks, beautiful bright eyes and adorable smiles.  Photographs help generate those memories and can be passed on to the future generations. 

And now for Princess E...

Here are additional examples of a themed/conceptual photo sessions:
If you are interested in your own themed session then send me a quick email and we can set something up for you!  Conceptual sessions are not just for kids... they are great for adults too!

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