Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reserved Smiles

When we first started out Mr. C didn't look too thrilled to be having his picture taken!  We talked a bit about school, his friends, favorite movies, etc.  That seemed to warm him up a bit because eventually a few smiles broke through.  Although... he was quick to tell me that he only had a few smiles in him! :)   

Here is one of the beautiful smiles of Mr C!

One of the best things about a photo shoot with a cool guy like Mr C is that you get to do fun stuff like stop in a coffee shop for hot chocolate!!!

I found out that one of Mr C's favorite books is Green Eggs and Ham.  Well we didn't have that book handy but we did have another one of Dr. Suess's books that Mr C had never read before!

One of our last fun shots was going to be with a train.  We waited and waited but sadly all was quiet on the train tracks.  Mr C didn't seem to mind .  I think at this point he had decided that he actually liked have his picture taken.  Being in a photo shoot wasn't so bad after all!  Thanks Mr C!!!

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