Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Howdy Partner

This big girl celebrated her 4th birthday at the horse stables!  (Yes it was as fun as it sounds!)  I was invited along with her friends and family to pet, ride and paint the stables beautiful horses.  The kids had a wonderful time and the birthday girl was nothing but smiles. 

Everyone waited patiently for their turn to ride a horse.  Don't they look cute in their riding helmets!

The birthday girl wasn't too sure of the horse at first.  But before too long she was riding like a pro.

Take a look at this adorable pooch.  That is one happy dog!

Here we have the painting of the horses.  It was funny to watch the horses as the paintbrushes tickled their sides.  And I'm sure they enjoyed their bath when the painting was finished.  I have to say that a horse is one of the most unique paint canvases that I've ever seen.

It was finally time for cake!

Here's little brother with his big blue eyes.  Check back soon for his birthday photos.  This big fella is turning one!

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