Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 50th

So do you remember this photo from the previous post?  Any guesses as to the event at which these yummy desserts were served?

Your first thought was probably a wedding, right?  Well your close but the celebration was actually for a 50th wedding anniversary!  Here is a photo of the happy couple on their wedding day.

And here they are today ...just as happy, sweet and in love as ever.

Now a celebration such as this would not be complete without a Roast with friends and family sharing their fondest memories of the couple.  With story titles such as:

- You know you've been married 50 years if
- Hiding notes under tiles
- The blinders story 
- Kissing in the front seat of the car

You can be sure that the crowd had more than a few belly laughs! 

and a few sweet tears thrown in for good measure.

After a wonderful dinner and Roast it was time to dance!

 And dance!

And dance!

Reception:  The Cutting Board

And no anniversary celebration is complete without some yummy cake! 
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Max and Penny!

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