Sunday, June 13, 2010

Now Offering Specialty Photo Sessions!

Special #1-   The Portrait Party

        Think Tupperware party but with PHOTOS!!!  After selecting a date for your portrait party we will send out invitations to friends and family inviting them to join us at your home or other special location.  We will have a ball dressing up in fun props and taking gorgeous pictures!  While there each guest will receive a 15-20 minute mini photo session.  The photos from each mini session will be edited and placed in an online photo gallery.  The hostess will then take print orders from the guests and VIOLA! ....lots of fun prints for your guests to enjoy!  The BEST part is that as the hostess you will receive 15% off the total print sales in credit toward your own print purchases!!!  Email or call today to select a date for your portrait party!!!

Special #2-    Beautiful Belly Session

        This is not your typical maternity shoot!  With the Beautiful Belly Session you and your significant other can let your creativity run wild!  With your non-toxic paints in hand you can create your materpiece on the sweetest canvas around... that BEAUTIFUL BELLY!  The best part is that the entire process is captured on camera!  Email or call today to select a date for your Beautiful Belly Session!!!

Special #3-    The Beyond Session

        Have you always had this crazy idea for a photo session?  Maybe you like the idea of a photo shoot at the library or grocery store.  Or, maybe you like the idea of stomping through the mud.  Well if that is the case then this is the photo session for you!  Book your session now and bring along your coolest, oddest or funkiest ideas.  This session is also great for married couples!  The wedding is over but you still want to capture some shots in your beautiful dress.  Lying in the grass was off limits before but now that you have made it through the big day it's okay if your dress gets a little (or a lot) dirty!  Sometimes you want to do something.... just because!  Email or call today to select a date for your Beyond Session!!!

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